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Meet Brynn Catalano, 10-y/o Champion Weightlifter & Crossfit Athlete Aiming To Inspire Other Girls Her Age #Ruptly 7/31/20
#BrynnCatalano is a 10-year-old weightlifter & #Crossfit athlete from Louisiana, well known in the fitness world for her successes so far in the field of weightlifting.
She was to be found working out with her dad, #ChaseCatalano, who is also her main coach in Baton Rouge on Wednesday.
She is believed to be one of the strongest 10-year-old girls in the country.
In 2019 she won first place in the 11-and-under category at the USA Youth Weightlifting National Championships, as well as second place for the 13-and-under category in t... Show more...


‘You’re almost dying but can’t do anything about it’: Iranian plane passengers tell Ruptly about encounter with US fighter jets

#Iranian #plane #passengers tell #Ruptly about encounter with #US #fighter #jets #Iran #politics


Iran: Tehran Calls On US To Stop Violence Against Protesters #Ruptly 6/1/20
He Must Have FORGOTTEN THIS Little Beauty:
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump -Jan 12
To the leaders of Iran - DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!
#KillingProtesters #BunkerBoyForgets #JustPreachNoDo #HypocriteInChief


Live From JFK Airport As Russian Humanitarian Aid Arrives In NYC [It's Good SOME Government Had Some Compassion!] #Ruptly 4/1/20
Russia sent a Cargo Plane carrying masks and other essential coronavirus supplies, as the US faces the highest number of coronavirus cases worldwide and a shortage of medical equipment, including protective gear. Russia also sent medical personnel and equipment to Italy last week, including ventilators.
From The Comments:
Enamel Larry: Russia to the rescue! Who would have thought Russia’s Vladimir Putin sending ventilators, face masks and kidney failure machines to the United States? Putin the great is here to save America again!
#PutinHelpsNYC #RussianAidToUS #TrumpFartsSideways #CNNChokes #ThanksVlad #FromRussiaWithLove #RealHumans

Must see: John Pilger mit einer Botschaft von Julian Assange

Der Journalist John Pilger hat eine deutliche Warnung von #WikiLeaks-Mitbegründer Julian Assange ausgesprochen. Dieser sagte, dass seine Verfolgung dazu bestimmt ist, #Dissidenten zu beseitigen. " Sprecht jetzt", sagte Pilger, oder wacht in eurem Schweigen "in einer neuen Art von #Tyrannei" auf.

Assange verbüßt derzeit eine 50-wöchige #Haftstrafe im #Gefängnis von #Belmarsh, weil er 2012 eine Kautionsanh... Show more...

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World's largest stone Buddha welcomes back visitors after six-month restoration#news #ruptly

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UN: Human rights chief urges Brunei to halt introduction of 'cruel and inhumane’ penal code#news #ruptly verwendet cookies um wiederkehrende und eingeloggte Besucher zu erkennen. Durch weiters Benutzen der Seite, stimmst du der Verwendung dieser Cookies zu.