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Dario Castello - Sonata Quarta
Voices of Music Ensemble



Bach - Oboe Concerto in F major BWV 1053r - Black | Netherlands Bach Society

#musique #music #musik #baroque #Bach


Bach - Oboe Concerto in F major BWV 1053r - Black | Netherlands Bach Society

#musique #music #musik #baroque #Bach


Most Interesting Mixtapes 2021 / Week 03 / Tape 03/03

j. pastel - Holy War
Cassandra Jenkins - Hard Drive
CARM (feat. Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan) - Already Gone
Jesse Markin - Smokestack
Photay (featuring golda may) - Villain
Look Mum No Computer - Waiting For The World To End (Live Synths - Introducing Cambridgeshire BBC)
TOBACCO - This Man
Puddles Pity Party - Everybody Hurts
Mackintosh Band - Back to School
Dreems - Da Banananas (Edit)
Legwurk - This and That
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Most Interesting Mixtapes 2021 / Week 03 / Tape 02/03

Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley – This Here Jungle of Moderness - Composition 14
Rone & Georgia - Waves Of Devotion
Trevor Something - What You're Doing To Me
POMPLAMOOSE - 99 Red Balloons + Take On Me Mashup
Camilo - Ropa Cara
Tomahawk - Business Casual
Hermanos Gutiérrez - Esperanza
Bernice - It's Me, Robin
Hieroglyphs Featuring Karen O - TRZTN
BAND-MAID - Warning!
Django Django - Free From Gravity
New Constellations - Hot Blooded
dodie - Hate Myself
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#music #newmusic #bestnewmusic #mixtapes #mixtape


Most Interesting Mixtapes 2021 / Week 03 / Tape 01/03

Goat Girl - The Crack
Scary Pockets ft. Mario Jose - Purple Rain
Yard Act - Dark Days
bill wurtz - here comes the sun
Stereolab - Dimension M2
William Fitzsimmons - Down With Another One
PeterLicht - Dämonen
Gerald Clayton - Theme from MLK FBI
The Underground Youth - For You Are The One
Deb Never - Someone Else
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#music #newmusic #bestnewmusic #mixtapes #mixtape


, somit bleiben 341 Tage (in Schaltjahren 342 Tage) bis zum Jahresende

Video-Wochenmotto: Nackt
Ereignis des Tages:
1954: In Buenos Aires wird das erste 1000-km-Rennen auf dem Autódromo Juan y Oscar Alfredo Gálvez gestartet. Es war zugleich der erste Wertungslauf für die neu geschaffene Sportwagen-Weltmeisterschaft.
Namenstage: Arn[e/i/o], Franz, Vera, Milena, Eberhard, Francis
Ehrentag der Bierdose
Tag der Komplimente
Welttag des dröhnenden Lachens

Video des Tages:
#music #dailyvideo #nackt #naked #nude

Loktev Ensemble - Irish Dance
Irish dance “Stone by the Stones” (Gravel walk)


Schau dir ""Яблочко". Балет Игоря Моисеева." auf YouTube an

Meanwhile in #Russia!
Incredible dance skills. That looks like it's defying physics!
#music #ballett

Schau dir "TIME FLIES - We didn't start the Virus" auf YouTube an

Sehr schöner Jahresrückblick! Gut zusammengefasst!

Schubert - Fantasie f-moll D940 (17'00")
Anastasia Gromoglasova & Lubov Gromoglasova, piano




#BandMaid are performing another online concert! Feb 11, 2021 17:00 JST (9 am German time)
The live stream will be archived and is available until Feb 18th
I definitely recommend it!

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, somit bleiben 342 Tage (in Schaltjahren 343 Tage) bis zum Jahresende.

Video-Wochenmotto: Nackt
Ereignis des Tages:
1955: Peter Kuhlen wird wegen Zweifeln an der „Botschaft“ des Stammapostels Johann Gottfried Bischoff, dass Jesus noch zu seiner Lebenszeit wiederkehren werde, mit Mitbrüdern und Tausenden von Mitgliedern aus der Neuapostolischen Kirche ausgeschlossen. Am folgenden Tag gründet er daraufhin die Apostolische Gemeinschaft.
Namenstage: Hartmut, Eugen, Heinrich, Raimund
Welttag der Handballer
Tag der Handschrift
Tag des Obstkuchens

Video des Tages:

Vitalic ist das bekannteste Pseudonym des französischen Techno-Musikers Pascal Arbez-Nicolas (* 1976). Er veröffentlicht außerdem unter den Künstlernamen Citizen Crew, Dima und Hustler Pornstar.
#music #dailyvideo #nackt #naked #nude

Schau dir "GREEN DAY - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (WAY TOO HAPPY ACOUSTIC COVER!)" auf YouTube an
These guys are always impressive, really nice interpretation

Schau dir "Scorpions - Get Your Sting & Blackout (Live in Saarbrucken, Germany)" auf YouTube an

For the Scorpion fans!
#music #rock

Bach, Busoni - Chaconne in D minor BWV 1004 (16'46")
Helene Grimaud, piano


i'm not really into reggaeton, i'm even somewhat allergic to it, but this one gets me. and here's why:

Designer brand names have been vocal hooks for decades in hip-hop, but the elfin-voiced Colombian singer Camilo puts a sly twist on the gimmick in “Ropa Caro” (“Expensive Clothes”). The way he tells it — as the beat flips from reggaeton to a Cuban son — he’s got a girlfriend with a lot of social-media followers, and she wants him in fancier clothes. He can’t afford them, but that doesn’t mean he can’t list them in a chorus.



, somit bleiben 343 Tage (in Schaltjahren 344 Tage) bis zum Jahresende.

Video-Wochenmotto: Nackt
Ereignis des Tages:
1987: Der US-amerikanische Politiker Budd Dwyer tötet sich bei einer von ihm einberufenen Pressekonferenz einen Tag vor Urteilsverkündung in seinem Strafprozess vor laufender Kamera. Ihm drohte eine langjährige Haftstrafe.
Namenstage: Anastasius, Dietlinde, Irene, Linda, Jakob, Vinzenz, Walter
Deutsch-Französischer Tag

Video des Tages:

Gorillaz - Stop The Dams

Stop The Dams (formerly known as Aluminium) is the 13th and final track of the Gorillaz' 2007 album D-Sides. It was originally released as a bonus track on the "El Mañana/Kids With Guns" CD single.

Prior to its release as Stop the Dams, the demo for the track was played u... Show more...


#Crystal · #StevieNicks

Crystal · Stevie Nicks Practical #Magic ( #Music From The Motion Picture) ℗ #1998 Warner Records Inc.

Fair Isle, one of the Shetland Islands and the most remote inhabited island in the UK. population 60 people, 1200 sheep, 20,000 puffins and a few rare birds.

ya, YA would love to ... 🐳

#FairIsle #island #Scotland #Kinks #music #fun... for details clic #photo



It's everything - all, nothing, or the journey in between.
So.... It's time now I share my last music discovery for this week.

There are many songs, poems, musings and writings on this.
Here's The Kinks, and Ray Davies' perspective, on time.

The Kinks - Time Song (Official Lyric Video)

"It's standing behind us and looking down on us"...
Enjoy the times and time.

#music #kinks #time #musica #musique #musika

Yes, it is, "life is so complicated". It's a ...

Complicated Life

Complicated Life (Kinks) - LYRICS

Well I woke this morning with a pain in my neck,
A pain in my heart and a pain in my chest,
I went to the good doctor and the good doctor said,
You gotta slow down your life or you're gonna be dead,
Cut out the struggle a
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Speaking of the British Empire... Here's a song from one of the first-ever rock operas, one which was mentioned a while back in some thread about all the great early albums, like Sgt. Pepper, Tommy, and a few other ground-breakers. This was one. The Kinks:

From the 1969 album, Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the Bri
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Ah, when things were "normal", off to work, "9 to 5", and home, dog at the door, kitty being kitty. No masks. Plenty of TP.

So here's ordinary rock star Ray Davies having decided to be a normal 9 to 5 worker, to live like regular people do (or did).
One of the best songs from a creative/musical genius not often spotlighted, Sir
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"Everybody's a Star" (Kinks) / "We All Shine On" (John Lennon) / "Time Loves a Hero" (Little Feat)


Celluloid Heroes Never Die

Celluloid Heroes
The Kinks

Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star
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Random i-Ching pull from the vinyl wall, middle of alphabet.
Turns out to be Kinks, and not too shabby a pick for Thanksgiving Day.

Young and Innocent Days - The Kinks

I look back at the way I used to look at life
Soft, white dreams with sugar coated outside
It was great, so great
Young and innocent days
I wish my eyes could only see
Everything, exactly as it used to be
It's too late, so late
Young and innocent days
I see the lines across your face
Time has gone and nothing ever can replace
Those great, so great
Young and innocent days

#myphoto - from #Kinks #music #musica #musique #classicrock #fenfotos


Der 21. Januar (in Österreich und Südtirol: 21. Jänner) ist der 21. Tag des gregorianischen Kalenders, somit bleiben 344 Tage (in Schaltjahren 345 Tage) bis zum Jahresende.

Video-Wochenmotto: Nackt
Ereignis des Tages:
1980: Die Chinesische Mauer wird unter Denkmalschutz gestellt.
Namenstage: Agnes, Ines, Meinrad
Schweiz, Gründung der ersten Täufergemeinde
Internationaler Tag der Jogginghose
Ehrentag der Hörnchen

Video des Tages:

Poppy (auch bekannt als That Poppy, bürgerlich Moriah Rose Pereira; * 1. Januar 1995 in Whitman, Massachusetts) ist eine US-amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin und Internet-Persönlichkeit. Aufgewachsen in Nashville, Tennessee, zog sie 2014 nach Los Angeles, um eine Karriere als Musikerin zu verfolgen. Dort unterzeichnete sie bei Island Records und veröffentlic... Show more...


sunny side down 339

WRENN - MaggieGylenhal
My Ugly Clementine - I'm Boring
Death Cab for Cutie - Waterfalls
Tennis - Need Your Love (Solo In The Void)
del claro - Feels the Same
FIERO - Coupe
Henry Nowhere - Something Changed
Drauve - BETTER
Abe Anderson - Pushing Me Under
Paper Idol - Daydream
Pure Mids - Ivy
Sam Wave - Oasis Ballerina
Tim Ayre - California Dreamin'
Yellow Dudes - Ordinary Films
Bullion - We Had A Good Time
Girl Time - Heaven
fern (feat. Liss) - 1988
WILLIS - CranMango
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#music #dreampop #bedroompop #Shoegaze #mixtapes #Mixtape


sunny side down 338

Alicia Clara - Hazemaze
O & THE MO - Pistachio Moon
LAUREL - Scream Drive Faster
Macseal - Scooby Doo
BOYO - Ghost Noise
Dameer দামীর - Believe
Wild Pink - Jeopardy
Great Mountain Fire - The Way
John-Allison Weiss - Degrassi
Cal in Red - Pool
Nilüfer Yanya - Same Damn Luck
R. Missing - Placeholder for the Night
Canyon Crows - She Died
Night Tapes - In Poly Amber
Julietta - Fall Apart
L'Impératrice — Anomalie bleue
Laurel - Sometimes
Wa'el - Come by and We'll Talk All Night
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#music #dreampop #bedroompop #Shoegaze #mixtapes #Mixtape


sunny side down 337

Moontype - Ferry
Thymian – Composure
JEZ_EBEL - in her eyes
Bad Bad Hats - Arthur
Sun June - Bad Girl
Wolf & Moon – While We Ride
Sleep Still – The Panoramic
Bayuk, Andreas Vey - Arms Of Who
18PM - Homeschool
Scotch Mist - Funny Face
Slow Dress - Back Into My Body
Modern Nomad - I Knew It'd End up This Way
Quelle Rox & Andria Rose - Luz de la Luna
Rodeo Romeo & Jeff Cowboy - Veggie Tales (His Cheeseburger)
Dead Sullivan - You Were There, Inside My Head
Lake Saint Daniel - Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (It's You I Like)
Q - Garage Rooftop
slenderbodies - cherry blossom
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#music #dreampop #bedroompop #Shoegaze #mixtapes #Mixtape

Schau dir "BAND-MAID / Warning! (Official Music Video)" auf YouTube an

Brand new song from the new album!
#music #metal #rock #japan #bandmaid

, somit bleiben 345 Tage (in Schaltjahren 346 Tage) bis zum Jahresende.
Video-Wochenmotto: Nackt
Ereignis des Tages:
1778: James Cook landet auf Kauaʻi (Hawaii).
Namenstage: Fabian, Sebastian, Bastian, Bastienne, Elisabeth, Else, Paula, Ursula
Vereinigte Staaten: Vereidigung des US-Präsidenten
Ehrentag der Pinguine

Video des Tages:

Amanda Palmer (* 30. April 1976 in New York) ist eine US-amerikanische Musikerin, Sängerin und Songwriterin. Sie wurde vor allem als Mitglied des Duos The Dresden Dolls international bekannt. Seit 2008 ist sie vorwiegend als Solokünstlerin tätig, dies zuweilen auch als Amanda „Fucking“ Palmer.
#music #dailyvideo #nackt #naked #nude
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