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Braucht man für Videoschnitt wirklich einen schnellen Rechner? c't 3003 hat ausprobiert, wie weit man mit einem übertakteten Raspi mit M.2-SSD kommt.

heise+ | Anleitung: Videos schneiden mit Kdenlive unter Linux und Windows

Kdenlive arrangiert ohne Mühe Videoschnittprojekte unter Linux und Windows. Der Open-Source-Videoeditor bringt Animationen, Untertitel und dutzende Filter mit.


Free and Open Source Video Editor Kdenlive v21.04 Released with Automatic Speech-to-Text, Typewriter Animation Effects and Other Improvements

The free and open-source non-linear video editor Kdenlive (KDE Non-Linear Video Editor) brings speech to text, Interface, and usability improvements, new effects, and more with this major release.

A new speech-to-text feature allows you to automatically transcribe any audio to text via the Vosk speech recognition toolkit. This engine supports 17 different languages and dialects today. Note though you must adjust the timeline zone, the blue line above the timelines, to indicate what portion to generate text for otherwise nothing happens (like happened to me).

The typewriter effect is introduced with three animation modes (by character, word, line). Another one I really liked but may get annoying for viewers of your video <img class=">

See Kdenlive 21.04 Release - New Feature Highlights and Download Details

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I don't want to use #FinalCutPro because if my videos suck, I can blame #Kdenlive. 🤔


Free Open Source Kdenlive 20.12 Video Editor Released, Adds Several New Features, New Video Effect Called PIllar For Portrait Mode Mobile View

This upgrade includes the addition of same track transitions. Kdenlive say this feature will “drastically improv [e]the editing workflow” for many users. To activate it, press the u key (or prod the new icon in the timeline toolbar) with a clip selected on the timeline.

Finding video effects is easier in this release as Kdenlive devs have overhauled the layout of effects. Effects are now labelled, grouped, and organised more clearly within the UI. A ‘deprecated’ category is present to group together ‘buggy effects’ which, devs suggest, are likely to be removed in a future release.

Talking of effects there’s new video effect called ‘Pillar’. This is sure to become a go-to for anyone looking to edit vertical/mobile/portrait style video in a regularly ratio’d project. The effect is simple: it centres the vertical video clip and adds a blurred background to what would otherwise be empty/black space around it. A subtle but effective approach.
There is an easy AppImage run version for Linux but otherwise it can al... Show more...

Petit challenge pour m'entrainer avec l'outil de roto et prendre en main #Kdenlive, c'était assez éprouvant avec une qualité d'image aussi faible ^^'
le gif original


#meme #cat #chat

This Week in #Linux 114: #WordPress 5.5, System76, Kali Linux, Parrot OS, #Kdenlive 20.08 & More
This Week in Linux 114: WordPress 5.5, System76, Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Kdenlive 20.08 & More

#kdenlive #freesw internship #kde #gsoc
GSoC’20 Progress: Onward with the Third Month

El editor de vídeo Kdenlive alcanza su versión 20.08 #kdenlive #Linux #Windows #macOS
El editor de vídeo Kdenlive alcanza su versión 20.08

Powerful Linux video editor #Kdenlive gets a huge new release


Download, unsafe at any speed?

Does anybody know why the kdenlive binaries linked from come unencrypted via http, and without any way of verification by signature or hash? The primary link is, for example, but redirects to

Certainly I missed something ...

#kdenlive #download #verification

This Week in #Linux 112: LibreOffice 7.0, #Ubuntu 20.04.1, #elementaryOS 6, #Kdenlive, #Mageia 8 & More
This Week in Linux 112: LibreOffice 7.0, Ubuntu 20.04.1, elementary OS 6, Kdenlive, Mageia 8 & More

Launching #Kdenlive Tutorials #kde #freesw

#fossnorth #kdenlive workflow #kde #freesw #multimedia
foss-north kdenlive workflow

" #Kdenlive ’s Titler Tool rewrite began with #GSoC 2019 and now I am happy to announce that we have an MLT producer which can play .qml files with animations! The producer is being now integrated in Kdenlive."
Kdenlive Titler Tool Rewrite – An Update

"In a week, I taught myself #Kdenlive and #Openshot, became more proficient with Audacity, and relied more in the image-editing of the always trustable GIMP."

Ich habe ja früher Kdenlive gerne benutzt. aber das Programm läuft bei mir seit mindestens 1 Jahr nicht mehr. Weder die PPA, noch die Snappack Version davon.

Nach4x installieren und deinstallieren stürzt es wenigstens nicht mehr so häufig ab, aber es rendert auch nicht. Es bleibt einfach stehen mit der Meldung "Warten ", Auch wenn ich auf "Vorgang starten" klicke, passiert einfach nichts.

Wenn die die Pfade auf ffmpeg und Konsorten auf die nativ in meinem System umbiege, bekomme ich eine Fehlermeldung bei "melt", dass er es nicht gefunden hätte. Das legt aber genau wie ich es in der Konfiguration definiert habe. Vermutlich die falsche Version. Darüber schweigt sich aber die Fehlermeldung aus.

Schade. Ich würde Kdenlive gerne nutzen. Geht aber leider nicht.

#KDE #Kdenlive #Videoediting #fail

Bild/FotoGunga wrote the following post Fri, 24 Apr 2020 11:06:03 +0200

#Kdenlive 20.04.0 is out!

The highlights include major speed improvements due to the Preview Scaling feature, New rating, tagging sorting and filtering of clips in the Project Bin for a great logging experience, Pitch shifting, Multicam editing improvements and OpenTimelineIO support. Besides all the shiny new features, this version comes with fixes for 40 critical stability issues as well as a major revamp of the user experience.

Bild/FotoDavid Revoy wrote the following post Wed, 15 Apr 2020 16:49:12 +0200

kdenlive-19.12.3(appimage) = 👍
42min edited yesterday and rendered without an issue. Quick and smooth preview: I had a good video-editing time. Adding wipes transition, fading clips, controling volume of audio was also easier than before and required less click. Good job #kdenlive team and thank you!


Ich räume gerade die Reste eines 2016 mehr oder weniger liegengebliebenes Projektes auf, um später ein bißchen weiter daran zu basteln. Da ich vor allem bei der ersten Lampe, die ich 2016 damit gebaut hatte, versäumt habe, vor dem Verschenken vernünftige Fotos zu machen bzw. überhaupt welche, will ich diesmal ein wenig planen. Solche LED-Streifen fotografieren oder filmen ist schwieriger, als es aussieht. Interessant ist hier im Moment nur, wie ich den Schnipsel erzeugt habe. Mein erster Ansatz war Kdenlive, die Aufgabe war, ein Streifchen im Format 8:1 zu produzieren.

Kdenlive finde ich eigentlich recht passend für meine einfachen Bedürfnisse, was kurze Filmchen angeht - wenn das Teil nicht einerseits an unerwarteten Stellen so umständlich und an anderen so unzuverlässig wäre. Hier habe ich mir erst die Zähne daran ausgebissen, ein ungewöhnliches Seitenverhältnis nicht nur einstellen, sondern... Show more...



Comment rendre le smartphone plus respectueux de l’être humain? Je tente de répondre à cette question contradictoire avec 2 éléments dans cette vidéo. Bon visionnage 😁️

#vidéo #kdenlive #smartphone #lineageos #fairphone #alternative #adb #oneplus

" #Kdenlive is a great application with a lot more features than I know how to even use. I don’t do any complex video editing."

Destination Linux | Episode 154: "2020 Predictions, Endeavour OS, Darktable, Kdenlive, Kubuntu laptop".

Dive into the planet's best Linux-podcast.

During a heated yet friendly conversation, Michael's (already legendary) 9 bucks stool is about to work as a timeout spot! Maybe he should build a penalty box around that stool in the tradition of ice hockey?

Zeb appears Zen (master) and is merciful referee though.

Noah is as cool as ever and Ryan has interesting "leapy" predictions for the year. Unmissable episode.


#podcast #predictions #linux #destinationlinux #stool #destination #darktable #Kubuntu #Kdenlive

Destination #Linux 154 - 2020 Predictions, Endeavour OS, Darktable, Kdenlive, Kubuntu Laptop

#OsEndeavour NetInstaller
#kubuntu Focus Laptop
#Darktable 3.0 Released
#kdenlive 19.12 Released


Software Spotlight, Tips & Tricks #linux #podcasts #Ubuntu
2020 Predictions, Endeavour OS, Darktable, Kdenlive, Kubuntu Laptop | Destination Linux 154

Canonical's #Multipass virtual machine manager reaches its 1.0 milestone, the #Django project releases a major security update out-of -band, #Kdenlive receives major improvements, and #Mozilla is replacing IRC for its community communications.
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