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The CDC isn't getting vaxxed

Let's face it, if they're publicly admitting that half the #employees at the #CDC and t

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Kann man eigentlich sagen das #Putin ein #Idiot ist, oder wird die nächste Reise nach #Russland dann unangenehm?

● NEWS ● #CommonDreams #goldenDawnald #idiot (it takes 10-15 to develop a good and tested vaccine) ☞ As Trump Promises 'Warp Speed' Covid-19 Vaccine, Health Experts Caution Against Political Interference



Voici la méthode journalistique pour faire passer une fake news tout en disant le contraire.
Un titre alarmiste faux.
Ensuite dans le contenu, on dit, je suppose la vérité, ( pas vérifié ) qui n'rien à voir avec le le titre.
Voici comment, avec ce grand foutage de gueulle, on donne des argument aux anti réchauffement des argument en béton.
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#ecologie #fakenews #rechauffement #bobo #ecolo #tromperie #indecent #idiot #manipulation #cretin

#brazil will have a million #covid19 cases tomorrow and probably 50k deaths by or during the weekend. #bolsonaro #idiot #corruptRegime

Ignorance + political "loyalty" + pandemics - intelligence = corpses.

#COVID19 #politics #idiot #US
Virginia Pastor Who Said COVID-19 Was Anti-Trump “Mass Hysteria” Dies of Virus

Friendly Atheist: Virginia Pastor Who Said COVID-19 Was Anti-Trump “Mass Hysteria” Dies of Virus (Bo Gardiner)

Vous croyez qu'il est possible de ne pas parler de l'idiot qui gouverne les États-Unis pour au moins 24 heures?
Que ce serait bien!!!
Merci Bild/Foto

Do you think it's possible not to talk about the idiot who governs the United States for at least 24 hours?
How nice that would be!!!
Thanks Bild/Foto

#demande #request #Sil vous plait #Please #idiot #Merci #thanks

US-NATO is playing dangerous games and at the same time feeds the Russian propaganda machine

The large scale classic death economy theme: war and wargames.

Turkey definitely should get kicked out of NATO, NATO itself should be abolished.

Merkel: “clear commitment to NATO”

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L'art d'avoir l'air #idiot :-)
Et ce terrain inclus la principale tour de transmission de radio et TV de #Montréal. Ça me surprendrait énormément même qu'on pense à la vendre.

#Fakenews #Fail

Me, Me, Me

#politics #Trump #idiot #NotMyPresident


What Beanie Babies taught a generation about the horrors of boom and bust

The frenzied investment in the 90s soft toys seems unlikely today, but as a child I bought into the craze with enthusiasm

In the late 2000s, the singer Lily Allen was asked to perform a streamed gig in exchange for “hundreds of thousands” of bitcoin. She told them: “As if.” She later tweeted of the decision: “#idiot.”

Such investment horror stories are common: the offer you passed up on that would have set you up for life; the opportunity you thought too good to be true that – you realised only too late, with no small horror – eventually proved really that good. The question that keeps me up at night is: what if I had sold my Beanie Babies when the market was hot, instead of 15 years later?
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Diane Garber - about an hour ago
@giggles 108** Shame on them. Australia succeeded, so it will take time.
Yo, #idiot ([or deep-state-bot)...#WakeUp!

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