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un homme "formidable" ce Bill :-(

le changement ne se fera pas par la base non plus, elle n'est pas assez éduquée, et pas assez coordonnée. (vidéo 4ème singe)
#Cohésion ?
4ème singe : Pourquoi tout va s'effondrer, extrait à 11:28.

Le cercle des citoyens constituants disparus (feat Etienne Chouard)


Ce à quoi un @internaute ici sur diaspora répond (à un autre qu'à moi) :
Navré, mais là, je ne vous suis plus et je vais ignorer vos prochains posts. Le père Chouard et ses oise
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**Максимальное количество компромата на всех **

Научный центр при Управделами президента торгует сервисами, позволяющими деанонимизировать любого жителя России. Расследование «... Show more...

Nearby the bolete I found, I also saw lots of these little violet mushrooms, which I'm pretty sure are Cortinarius iodes, and this small, dense bright scarlet... something. It looks like pictures I've found of Paurocotylis pila but those seem to be an exclusively Europeans species. My next best guess is Russula emetica, though it looked more truffle-like. It was pretty solidly rooted in the soil with no noticeable stipe. I did see plenty of other R. emetica around that were a much more faded pinkish color. Ideas?

#mushrooms #wildmushrooms #identification #photo #mywork

There was still a decent amount of light when I got home, so I decided to go out and grab that mushroom I saw this morning. I'm attempting to get a spore print, and I've taken a piece of tissue from the stipe and put it on an agar plate. While I'm waiting for those two things, I'll try to get the best ID I can.

It seems to have most of the characteristics of a porcini. The cap is smooth, and has pores instead of gills. There's a characteristic reticulation on the stipe, a discernable separation between the stipe and the cap. It was growing from heavy leaf litter, below a grouping of birch saplings. I looked around the immediate area, but I couldn't see any other fruits.

Anyone have an opinion on this one?

#mushrooms #wildmushrooms #fungus #boletes #porcini #identification


Show HN: Person Identification by Keyboard Typing

HN Discussion:
Posted by indutny (karma: 772)
Post stats: Points: 139 - Comments: 61 - 2019-05-11T21:27:34Z

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Forensic scientists at Liverpool University identified Jack the Ripper!

#Jack-the-Ripper has sensationally been revealed as a 23-year-old #Jew from #Poland after fresh #DNA tests were taken from a the blood-stained shawl of #victim Catherine Eddowes.


AaronKosminski was the notorious #

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