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McCaskill: I’m Going to Make My Family Watch Capitol Riot Video ‘Every Fourth of July Going Forward’

McCaskill said, “We’re going to start a new family tradition in my family. On the Fourth of July and every Fourth of July going forward, we’re going to watch that video that The New York Times put together of January 6.”
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McCaskill: Americans Will Reject GOP’s ‘Darkness,’ White Supremacy — Optimistic Dems Win Senate in 2022

McCaskill said, “If someone would have told me when I came to the United States Senate in 2007 that in a mere short 15 years that the Republican Party’s big tent would be catering to Holocaust deniers, Nazi sympathizers, White supremacists, I would have said, you know that is not a realistic plot for a movie that is not going to happen.
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Nearly 60 House Democrats call on Catholic bishops to stop targeting pro-abortion pols in Communion dispute

The Catholic Democrats issued a "Statement of Principles" on Friday clearly aimed at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for voting this week to draft a formal document on the meaning of the Eucharist that is expected to admonish Catholic politicians and other public figures who disobey church teaching on abortion and other core beliefs.
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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blames city's crime spike on GOP-led reopening

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blames a crime wave in her city on lax gun laws, young people being out of school and Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to make Georgia one of the early states to begin reopening.
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Only a “minority” care about internet freedom, suggested Guilbeault

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault says most Canadians are okay with the federal government moderating their content on the internet claiming only a “minority” are opposed to regulation.

When pressed by fellow committee members, Guilbeault noted that the government already has the power to tackle illegal online content like hate speech and incitement of violence but claimed that the purpose of the proposed bill is to moderate ordinary content.
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Only a “minority” care about internet freedom, suggested Guilbeault


Premier Of Canadian Province Jailing Pastors Caught Violating Own COVID-19 Rules 24 Times During One Dinner

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, whose province has jailed multiple pastors and locked churches because of COVID-19, violated his own restrictions and guidelines 24 different ways during a dinner with members of his cabinet last week.
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Former President Barack Obama is pointing to his successor as the reason for the rise in anti-Semitism in the United States.

In an exclusive interview with Jewish Insider, Obama blamed said former President Donald Trump "fanned those flames" during his tenure in office. The "seeds that gave rise to the Holocaust have always been with us," Obama told the Jewish publication.
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BREAKING: Trudeau says 'as a Catholic,' he is 'deeply disappointed by position Catholic church has taken' on residential schools

"When I went to the Vatican, a number of years ago, I directly asked His Holiness Pope Francis to move forward on apologizing, on asking for forgiveness, on restitution, on making these records available, and we're still seeing resistance from the church, possibly from the church in Canada," he said.
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AOCs Abuela Fundraiser in Focus

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Twitter GUILTY of Human Rights Violations

In a recent tweet about Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's national ban on Twitter, Twitter declared that access to its platform is an "essential human right." Yet Twitter blocks people from its platform regularly. Hence, Twitter is guilty of countless human rights abuses.
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AOC Rejects $100,000 Raised By Conservatives Trying To Help Out Her ‘Abuela’

AOC appears to be so engrossed in partisan politics that she’s not even willing to even help her own grandmother with money that was raised by conservatives.
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NDP leader Singh sorry for breaking COVID rules

Jagmeet Singh has issued an apology for breaking COVID-19 protocols, weeks after claiming that anti-maskers are connected to far-right extremism.

“I really hope that this just doesn’t discourage anyone from wearing their masks and following public health protocols,” he said.
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Facebook’s Nick Clegg Claims Company Loves Free Expression and ‘American Values’

In a recent op-ed published by CNBC, Facebook Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg outlined the values that Facebook believes it must promote worldwide. Clegg stated that Facebook focuses on promoting American values such as “free expression,” a statement many would find ironic considering the allegations of censorship Facebook has faced in recent years.

“The US risks becoming a nation that exports incredible technologies, but fails to export its values,” Clegg wrote in the op-ed.
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AOC reveals she’s in therapy for trauma from Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed she was “doing therapy” as a result of the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, adding that former President Donald Trump had her in a “very reactive mode.”

…Ocasio-Cortez said that the insurrection was deeply traumatizing for many members of Congress, who effectively “served in war.”
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Welcome to Tory's Toronto: where some protests are treated more equal than others

We have chronicled several anti-lockdown protesters being violently arrested for such egregious crimes as waving a Canadian flag, quoting biblical passages, and displaying anti-communism signs.

But at Black Lives Matter gatherings in which vandalizing statures is a du rigueur activity, police don’t ticket anyone – instead, they bend the knee in solidarity.
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Hateful hypocrisy: In hate crime-obsessed Britain, vilifying Covid vaccine ‘refuseniks’ comes with establishment approval

#Hateful #hypocrisy: In #hate #crime #obsessed #Britain, #vilifying #Covid #vaccine #refuseniks comes with #establishment approval #covid-19 #politics


Vancouver rallygoers denounce “extremist” labels at Worldwide Freedom Rally

Recently, Singh publicly suggested that there is a link between people who “don’t wear a mask” and “far-right extremists” who don’t care about other people. Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi, also accused people who march at freedom rallies “as marching in thinly veiled white nationalist supremacist anti-government protests.”
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Pro-Hamas rally takes place at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square

The streets around the square were turned into parking lots by illegally parked cars — and gracious, not a meter maid in sight!

Some illegally climbed the square’s arches. Many spewed anti-Semitic hatred and some even physically assaulted Jews who had the temerity to display the flag of Israel.

But the anti-lockdown protesters are forbidden from visiting this piece of asphalt.
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NDP MLA joins pro-Hamas protest after demanding crackdown on protests

Alberta NDP MLA Irfan Sabir took to Twitter to promote his participation in a “solidarity with Palestine” protest after previously calling on Premier Jason Kenney to enforce crackdowns on pro-freedom protests.
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Chicago mayor will grant interviews only to ‘Black or Brown journalists’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s spokesperson reportedly announced that the mayor will only provide interviews to “Black or Brown” journalists on the occasion of Lightfoot reaching the halfway point in her tenure as mayor.
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Openly Racist Anti-Canadian

The precious minorities who were elected in a white majority country showing their real face. Naheed Nenshi, the mayor of Calgary is a gay Muslim.
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Video proving Discrimination against Christians in Calgary. Rights for the Muslims, arrests for Christians.

Artur Pawlowski and Dawid Pawlowski were arrested by gestapo on the way back from Church service but the Muslims are gathering without any harassment and intimidation by the authorities. Double standards in Alberta.
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Michigan governor asked wealthy businessmen to borrow private jet for secret trip to Florida

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has blamed travellers to Florida for coronavirus infections in her state, reportedly asked a group of Detroit businessmen to borrow a private jet so she could travel to Florida last March. Her trip occurred amid the first surge of the coronavirus pandemic that Whitmer would later warn her own residents about.
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Ironic: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki receives Free Expression Award from pro-First Amendment group

After an unprecedented year of YouTube censorship, the Freedom Forum Institute, a group which states that its mission is “to foster First Amendment freedoms for all,” has given YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki a Free Expression Award.

The homepage for the 2021 Free Expression Awards and Festival states that it recognizes individuals “for their courageous acts of free and fearless expression” and lists YouTube as a “signature sponsor” of the event.
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Ironic: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki receives Free Expression Award from pro-First Amendment group


Biden Quotes ‘Holy Qur’an’ in Ramadan Greeting, says ‘Muslim Americans Have Enriched Our Country Since Our Founding’

Joe Biden sent Muslims greetings for Ramadan on Monday, and apparently Old Joe’s handlers are worried that maybe the Syria bombing or the appeasement of Iran have alienated the president’s largely Sunni (and Muslim Brotherhood) base of support, as whoever wrote the greeting for him went heavy on the Islamopandering. The statement started out well enough: “Jill and I send our warmest greetings and best wishes to Muslim communities in the United States and around the world. Ramadan Kareem.” That’s “have a noble Ramadan,” you racist Islamophobic yahoos. Let Old “Despacito” Joe teach you how to be truly multicultural!
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Biden Quotes ‘Holy Qur’an’ in Ramadan Greeting, says ‘Muslim Americans Have Enriched Our Country Since Our Founding’


BLM co-founder: owning "extravagant homes" does not contradict Marxism

"I think that is a critique that is wanting," Cullors said. "I say that because the way that I live my life is in direct support to Black people, including my Black family members, first and foremost."
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BLM co-founder defends buying four homes despite identifying as “trained Marxist”

In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill, Cullors was asked if her bourgeois-like behaviour contradicted her training as a Marxist. Cullors responded that the way she lives her life is in direct support to black people, including her family members.
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Trudeau to formally apologize to Italian-Canadians over treatment during World War II

The drama Queen is apologizing because Italians were held in internment camps during the Second World War while forcing Canadians into internment camps in 2021. The hypocrisy is mind boggling.
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Will Smith Pulls Slave Drama ‘Emancipation’ Out of Georgia in Protest of Voter Integrity Law

The Will Smith movie Emancipation, which is backed by Apple Studios, won’t film in Georgia as originally planned in protest of the state’s recently passed voter integrity law, making it the first major Hollywood production to boycott Georgia over the new legislation.
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9 of Hollywood’s Biggest Acts of Hypocrisy: China, #MeToo, Guns, Climate Change, and More

Hollywood hypocrisy comes in many flavors, and the varieties keep growing as more celebrities attempt to expand their social media reach (and their box-office bankability) through progressive activism. Last movie was a flop? Your Netflix sitcom got canceled after one season? Career redemption can be yours if you worship at the altar of woke politics.
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Cher: If They’re No Democrats to Protect America, GOP Will Achieve the Dream of White Supremacy

Nowhere in Cher’s tweets did she mention the fact that the Democrat Party is solely responsible for pushing and enacting Jim Crow Laws in the United States. The Democrat Party championed slavery and segregation, dating back to the country’s founding through the Civil War era. All the while, Democrat Party figures stood hand in hand with the pro-slavery KKK and worked to usher in the era of Jim Crow.
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MSNBC erroneously reported that Capitol attack suspect was a 'White male'

"The question now is, what’s the condition of the Capitol Police officers who were injured when the man -- we’re told it was a White male that was driving the car -- when the man got out of the car and attacked the police officers with a knife," Williams told MSNBC anchor Katy Tur.

In fact, the suspect was later identified as Noah Green, a 25-year-old Black man from Indiana with ties to Virginia.
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12-Year-Old Gets Social Justice Stabbing

While waiting in line at a McDonald's, a 12-year-old white boy was stabbed in the neck and tackled by a black man, who was calling him a "White Devil" (among other things). His family and a couple of good Samaritans were able to subdue the knife-wielding attacker before the young boy was killed. Then, as expected, the media went mute; even completely ignoring the racist slurs by the attacker which preceded the attack. There were no grandstanding race baiters on TV, no marches in the streets, nor were there calls to change anything. Dutifully following the program, the media simply went silent, as it anxiously awaits an act of violence that actually matches the politically correct narrative about race and violence. Once again, Fox News participated in the cover-up as well.
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AOC Says Calling Border Crisis a ‘Surge’ Part of ‘White Supremacist Philosophy’

Anyone who’s using the term ‘surge’ around you, consciously, is trying to invoke a militaristic frame.”

“And that’s a problem, because this is not a surge. These are children and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded,” she continued. She called the idea and its language part of “a white supremacist philosophy,”
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Florida State University Cancels Racist Class Bashing White Women After Push Back

The class was planning to focus on the “History of Karen” and attack white women. The term “Karen” has been widely used as a slur against your average, every day, white woman.
#news #education #Florida #racism #discrimination #liberalism #hypocrisy
WIN: Florida State University Cancels Racist Class Bashing White Women After Push Back


Outrageous MSNBC Guest Says Republicans Would Deny Jesus a Cup of Water While He Died on the Cross

In a wildly hyperbolic segment about Georgia’s new voter laws, an MSNBC guest claimed that Republicans would have barred Jesus from being given a cup of water while he was dying on the cross.
#news #politics #democrats #hypocrisy
WATCH: Outrageous MSNBC Guest Says Republicans Would Deny Jesus a Cup of Water While He Died on the Cross


Michael Moore Says Colorado Shooter ‘Is as American as Apple Pie’

“Now that we know who the Boulder killer is, we will soon see the pundits & bigots harp on ‘Middle Eastern’ & ‘Islamic,'” Moore wrote. “But make no mistake: a young man with anger issues & easy access to semi-automatic weapons who shoots up a nice town in Colorado is as American as apple pie.”

Moore also used the shooting to promote his 2002 anti-gun documentary Bowling for Columbine
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What They’re Not Telling You About the “Asian Hate Crime” Story

The media is peddling yet another hate crime hoax – that the deliberate targeting of Asians is a result of Trump and “white supremacy.”
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Media who Accused Donald Trump of Cognitive Decline Ignores Joe Biden’s Warning Signs Despite Two Separate Brain Surgeries

In 1988 Joe Biden underwent a six hour medical procedure at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center after crippling pain in his neck due to an aneurysm left fluid leaking in his brain. That same year, Biden had undergone a second medical operation to repair another aneurysm on the opposite side of his brain after it was found to be at risk of bursting.

Fast-forward 30 years, and Joe Biden’s mental health has clearly declined. He struggles to complete sentences, pronounce simple words or even read from a teleprompter.
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