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Vandalizing and burning down churches is not progress towards reconciliation

There is a war on Christianity in Canada. With church arsons and vandalism skyrocketing across this country, it was only a matter of time before these hate-fueled incidents reared their ugly heads in Calgary.
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Woke mobs have ripped down statues of the Queen, her ancestor Queen Victoria, and explorer Captain James Cook in Canada

“Winnipeg: Queen Elizabeth down, Canadian flag down, Warrior flag up,” crowed the Communist Party of Canada on its verified Twitter account, alongside the hashtag #CancelCanadaDay and a picture of an activist trampling the vandalised face of Queen Victoria’s toppled statue.
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Swiss Police Threaten to Arrest Trump Supporters at Biden-Putin Summit

Organized by writer and commentator Noor Bin Ladin, the 'boat flotilla' was shut down mere moments after banners announcing "Trump Won" were unfurled in view of international media and tourists.
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Brawl Breaks Out Between Antifa and Conservatives at Ashli Babbitt Memorial in California (VIDEO)

Antifa terrorists showed up to cause trouble and massive brawl broke out.

Police formed a line between Antifa and conservatives.
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Brawl Breaks Out Between Antifa and Conservatives at Ashli Babbitt Memorial in California (VIDEO)


AOCs Abuela Fundraiser in Focus

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NDP leader Singh sorry for breaking COVID rules

Jagmeet Singh has issued an apology for breaking COVID-19 protocols, weeks after claiming that anti-maskers are connected to far-right extremism.

“I really hope that this just doesn’t discourage anyone from wearing their masks and following public health protocols,” he said.
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Liberals say opponents of their internet regulation bill are “extremist”

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault is accusing the Conservative party of kowtowing to an “extremist element” in the party for criticizing Bill C-10, a Liberal government bill that will regulate online content, including user-generated content shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
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Liberals say opponents of their internet regulation bill are “extremist”


PICS: Leftists Stage Annual May Day Riots in Paris

Crowds of largely leftist protesters have been filmed and pictured lighting fires, smashing windows, and hurling missiles at riot police over the course of the day, in scenes which now seem to repeat themselves almost every year in the multicultural city.
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‘No Justice, No Peace’ — Antifa, Communists, BLM Rally in London on May Day

Antifa, communist, Black Lives Matter, feminist, labour union, and environmentalist activists rallied in London on Saturday to mark International Workers’ Day, or May Day.

Aside from celebrating the communist holiday, the ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstration was also against the proposed Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill, which seeks to grant police greater powers to break up “disruptive” protests in Britain.
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Kevin Sorbo Speaks Out On Hollywood’s Bias Against Conservatives

“This is an industry that screams more than anybody else for tolerance…but now all that stuff is completely a one-way street.”

Kevin Sorbo, best known for his role in ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’, boldly shared his conservative values during his prolific acting career. Hollywood’s response was to ostracize him. This is his story.
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YouTube: Stories of Us: Kevin Sorbo (PragerU)

[bookmark=]As #JackMa learned, #China’s #Communists always devour their friends and allies. #CommunistChina #CCP[/bookmark]


AOC Says Calling Border Crisis a ‘Surge’ Part of ‘White Supremacist Philosophy’

Anyone who’s using the term ‘surge’ around you, consciously, is trying to invoke a militaristic frame.”

“And that’s a problem, because this is not a surge. These are children and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded,” she continued. She called the idea and its language part of “a white supremacist philosophy,”
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Anti-police activists and feminist protesters chanted a quote from Marxist cop-killer Assata Shakur as they gathered in Parliament Square on Tuesday to demonstrate against Home Secretary Priti Patel policing bill.

Shakur, who was active in radical communist revolutionary groups in the 1960s and 70s in the United States, including the Black Liberation Army, was convicted of killing Werner Foerster, a New Jersey state trooper, in 1973. Following her conviction, she fled to communist Cuba, where she has been living in exile since.
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This is #Global #Genocide Incrementally Employed. First they imprison you in an asylum for the care of the elderly in which they dose you up with brain destroying Haldol, etc., to the point where you cannot speak; they give you influenza, keep you lying down and you get pneumonia; then they give you a lethal dose of morphine; make your uncaring relatives sign that they may bury you without first being seen to be dead by them. I suspect they remove your organs for sale then. The Government gives them a percentage of your remaining social security and you are in and out of there, alive then dead, in one year or less.... Show more...

When I see the vitriol from #leftists over #Parler, I am also reminded once again that

#communists don't see people as "allies", they see #people as #property.

They want to get rid of #conservatives from their #platforms but also don't want conservatives to leave and build their own platforms....
This is the #communist #philosophy – You are not allowed to walk away. You are not allowed to stay as you are. Your only #choice is to be #reeducated. Your only option is to #conform.
I had never thought of this - communists despise #private #property ownership, but they don't mind owning people. It's like..... #slavery.


A letter to US conservatives

It’s helpful if you curate your feeds to see only the worst examples of looting and opportunism, you can imagine that this is broadly characteristic of the uprising and avoid ever seeing feeds showing examples of wanton unprovoked and unchecked police brutality. But you know that America was launched by riots, attacks on store owners, looting, and property destruction. Stamp sellers were lynched. Valuable tea was destroyed. Various things were thrown at colonial lawmen. This was all just a part of a popular uprising.

You’ve wanted to believe that you would have sided with the founding fathers, but Thomas Paine clearly thought police brutality was worse than when that same brutality came from rioting rabble.

To make things even worse, the ruler of this nation tried to send the military against protests on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square. The same historic slaughter that he celebrated as a sign of strength and clearheadedness from the Chinese Communist Party.

Surely you are different from th... Show more...


Louise A. Thompson: feminist, communist, black liberationist

Louise A Thompson, an early 20th century African-American feminist and communist, was a founder of the modern feminist concept of intersectionality.

Born in Chicago in 1901, she spent most of her childhood with her mother in Oakland, California and several smaller towns on the West coast of the USA. It was while at the University of California that she attended a guest lecture by W.E.B DuBois that inspired her to devote herself to the fight for racial equality.

After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a B.S. in Commerce, Louise taught briefly at the Branch Normal College for Colored People in Arkansas, and at the Hampton Institute in Virginia, but, according to writer Erik S McDuffie, "suffocated under the racial conservativism of these institutions".

Seeking freedom and a broader horizon, she visited New York city in 1927, meeting once again her future husband William L Patterson, who she had already met in California. In 1927 he had recently joined the Communist P... Show more...


Coronavirus - The Hidden Cases - Why We Must Shut Everything Down And Do It Now

"The powers that be in our ' #western' societies have decided to do nothing significant against the onslaught the novel #coronavirus #SARS-Cov-2 is now causing.

There will not even be an attempt to do like #China or #South #Korea which have thrown all resources at stopping the spread of the virus while it was still possible. The... Show more...

There are two reasons the #Democrats are afraid of #Bernie #Sanders.
1. They are not #socialists or #leftists. They are #liberal #capitalists and they are almost as #conservative and #right-wing as the Republicans. They have always been on the front lines against socialism in #America and the world. They do not want a socialist #president or a socialist country.
2. Knowing that Bernie is really not a socialist, and that he is really just an old-fashioned #New-Deal liberal, they fear that he can't win because he has called himself a "socialist", which in America is about as popular as saying you are a #satanist. No matter how far to the #right they go, the Democrats are always called "socialists" or " #communists" by their #far-right enemies, and they fear Bernie will go down in flames. They are probably right about this, but Bernie is a very skilled #politician and communicator and imo he may or may not be able to pull it off.

● NEWS ● [When you tell people money is what they are and young people are without any prospects/possessions] Poll Sponsored by Anti- #Communists Discovers 70% of US #Millennials Ready to Ditch #Capitalism for #Socialism


all the fake " #leftists" should be very proud of #trump, for making a deal with the #Chinese #Communists, to turn a blind eye to repression in #HongKong. Score another one for #dictatorship.

#HumanRights #diplomacy #TradeWar #fail


All the fake " #leftists" should be very proud of #trump, for making a deal with the #Chinese #Communists to turn a blind eye to repression in #HongKong. Score another one for #dictatorship.

#HumanRights #diplomacy #TradeWar #fail


Infant survives Abortion, Mother holds him until he dies


At 21 weeks of pregnancy, British doctors informed Sofia Khan that her preborn son had been diagnosed with spina bifida. Spina bifida can cause physical disabilities, but modern medicine has significantly improved treatment after birth and in utero. Medical professionals report that, with modern treatment, nearly every child with spina bifida can have a productive life and even a level of independence thought impossible years ago.

The famous photo below was taken during a fetal surgery on Baby Samuel Armas, who had also been diagnosed with spina bifida. Little Samuel was 21 weeks old at the time — the same age as Sofia Khan’s son.

During a procedure to correct spina bifida whi
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