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Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled

Last week, two Igbo officers, Lt. Col. Okeke and Lt. Col. Ajah, alongside 44 other, predominantly Southern and Middle Belt Christian officers lost their lives in a conspiracy hatched by Fulani Senior officers. Perhaps you heard the reprehensible news of how Airforce jet mistakenly bombed officers and men, thinking they were Boko Haram. It was rather a planned deal.

Stage 1.
Lt. Col. ND Okeke, Commanding Officer Admin., Nigerian army was holding security meeting with 43 other Southern Christian officers in Bornu at the instance of the Military High Command. Minutes into the meeting, high ranking personnel of Boko Harm mercenaries, dressed in the rank of Maj. Generals and well armed entered the meeting room, having been granted access by higher conspiracy. Thinking they were senior officers, Lt. Col. Okeke and 43 other officers stood to welcome them in. They were mistaken. Within few minutes, all of them were gunned down. The carnage was so horrible... Show more...


(Extract from article)
Nimbo is a border town in Uzo-Uwani area of Enugu State, Nigeria, where seven villages- Ekwuru, Nimbo-Ngwoko, Ugwuijoro, Ebor, Enugu-Nimbo, Umuome and Ugwuachara were invaded, and scores massacred by over 500 armed Fulani herdsmen, rated the fourth deadliest terror group in the world, in the early hours of April 25, 2016.Uzo Uwani has boundaries with the Southern States of Ebonyi and Anambra, and Central States of Benue and Kogi, where these attacks have increased lately.

The herdsmen, who reportedly were bent on occupying a portion of the farming community's land for cattle grazing plotted attack, and went on to notify the natives about their invasion on April 23, 2016. The intelligence was promptly reported to security agencies who met accordingly. However, at about 5.15 am on April 25, 2016, the armed herdsmen numbering over 500 struck killing 40 people. The following day, April 26, 2016, six more bodi... Show more...

Extract from interview with former CBN Deputy Governor Dr Obadiah Mailafia

Through Pantami’s devious NIN palaver, they are allegedly importing millions of aliens and issuing them with passports, national identity cards and voter cards. They are fighting a demographic Jihad to ensure that the North is the demographic majority by subterfuge. And then they will have a free license to call the shots in perpetuity. They have allowed hundred of thousands of killers to invade our country. They are everywhere now. Recently, Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, lamented that the terrorist bandits have overrun over 100 villages. Niger, as you know, is the largest state by size in Nigeria. And it is less than 200 km to Abuja.

#News #Africa #NIGGERia #Nigeria #CurrentAffairs #War #Anarchy #Anarchismo #Anarchist
Fulani using NIN to fight population jihad in Nigeria —Mailafia, ex-CBN deputy governor

Courtesy of Ian R Crane via RICHPLANET.NET via EDGETV on former Sky Channel 201

AREAS with a STATE owned Central Bank. North Korea, North Dakota, Venezuela, Iceland, Hungary, Syria, Cuba, Iran. ALL others BELONG TO A PRIVATE COMPANY EXACTLY LIKE MTN OR NESTLE OR MCDONALD'S.

The same International PRIVATE Bankers fuelling all armed conflicts worldwide are the same people issuing nearly ALL governments with MONEY which they now have to repay with interest added!

#Truth #Fact #Reality #Freedom #Law #Money #Finance #Economics #Freeman #Sovereign #Anarchism #Anarchismo #CSSCPSG #Anarchy #Equity #Justice #Anarchist #News

Courtesy of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu via Radio Biafra Broadcast

Held October 18th 2019

[create problem]
[foment confusion]
[suggest pre-planned desired ‘solution’]

#Health #Wellbeing #History #Truth #Freedom #Science #Anarchy #Anarchist #Anarchism #Anarchismo #News

#Health #Treatment #Healing #Wellbeing #History #Truth #Freedom #Science #Anarchy #Anarchist #Anarchism #Anarchismo
CDC Report – 3150 People Paralyzed After COVID-19 Vaccine


The repair manual for the world

The book that, in the 1980s when I first read it, changed my head and my outlook on life.

The world doesn't have to be this shit-hole. Read a free version of one of the most important works ever.

#anarchism #anarchist #anarcho-communism #anarchist-communism #justice #equality #freedom


Twin Trouble 7-10-2020


Another episode, another seismic shift in the global landscape. This time, it’s an an unprecedented mass uprising against police led by activists, protesters and yes, rioters, who are making moves to change the violent systemic racism of the police, prisons and politicians. So we’ll be talking about the government repression of BLM and Antifa. In other news, the BOP is still on lockdown, but slowly, people are getting moved around, and Jeremy, after months of waiting in limbo in Grady County Jail where he caught coronavirus(and recovered), was finally transferred to a raggedy ass CCA joint, Talahatchie County Correctional Center, so we go in on them for a bit. Finally of course we’re gonna delve into #Blueleaks, a leak by Anonymous published by Distributed... Show more...

#Truth #Freedom #Law #Money #Finance #Economics #Freeman #Sovereign #Anarchism #Anarchismo #Anarchy #Anarchist

C’est fou le nombre de #fachos qui se planquent derrière l’appellation #anarchiste et le nombre de #féministes qui haïssent les hommes en niant l’ #humanisme. Comment peut on mettre dans la même perspective la haine et l'anarchisme ??

It is crazy the number of #fachos who hide behind the name #anarchist and the number of #feminists who hate men by denying #humanism.
How can we put hate and anarchism in the same perspective????

#interesting answers (and answers to answers) in from #anarchist #anarchism #perspectives on #police

but tragically... have we lost the infoshop!? says "Error establishing a database connection". oh no! i was looking forward to,_the_Police_and_Prisons

oh phew! thankgoodness we still have the web archive... y'know it's under threat too? the book burners are rambunctious these days. :/,_the_Police_and_Prisons" target="_blank">,_the_Police_and_Prisons

so we can still learn of that for a little while. ... perhaps you should start saving copies to distribute on the #sneakernet

Caption: "Without a profit motive, no one would be productive!"

Frame: "Wikipedia editors:" *Wikipedia frontpage listing wikipedias in 10 languages*
Frame: "Minecraft players:" *Huge complex building in Minecraft*
Frame: "Open source coders:" *Screenful of code*
Frame: "Volunteer firefighters:" *Fireman in full gear aiming hose at raging fire*


hUmAnS aRe InHeReNtLy SeLfIsH!1 !

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
#meme #capitalism #selfish #wikipedia #wikicommons
#game #gaming #minecraft #open-source #code #software
#diaspora #mastodon #linux #firefighter #foss #technology
#human #philosophy

interesting to see that orthodox eastern #christian #theology can be also like this -

"Before all else, we must pursue a vision of the common good (by whatever charitable means we can) that presumes that the basis of #law and #justice is not the inviolable right to private #property, but rather the more original #truth taught by men such as Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Ambrose of Milan, and John Chrysostom: that the goods of creation belong #equally to all, and that immense private #... Show more...


Works by or about Élisée Reclus at Internet Archive

Jacques Élisée Reclus (French: [ʁəkly]; 15 March 1830 – 4 July 1905) was a renowned French #geographer, #writer and #anarchist. He produced his 19-volume masterwork, La Nouvelle Géographie universelle, la terre et les hommes ("Universal Geography"), over a period of nearly 20 years (1875–1894). In 1892 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Paris Geographical Society for this work, despite having been banished from France because of his political activism.
Click the link for some #reading material :)

#anarchism #anarchy


Marx and his right-hand man, Friedrich #Engels, accordingly campaigned against #anarchism in their correspondence and published a number of articles and pamphlets that derided anarchism after the split in the First International in 1872.

In an article called ‘Political Indifferentism’, Marx (1873: np) lays his authoritarian stripes bare, chastising #anarchists ‘who are so stupid or so naive as to attempt to deny to the working class any real means of struggle’ by refusing a ‘revolutionary dictatorship’ in their desire to abolish the #state.

He argues that by locating #power in #
... Show more...

I finally got around to reading this CrimeThinc article from a couple of months ago about Coronavirus and anarchism.

A good read for sure.

If you don't read Spanish just use a free translation online.

Sobreviviendo al Virus: Una guía anarquista

#anarchy #anarchist #anarchism #corona #covid19 #health

Wrote another thing - this time on political reasons for being #vegan. Specifically, I argue that consuming animal products presupposes a hierarchical/property relaltion that might not be legitimate. In short, one shouldn't be a vegan if one is on the left - but especially if one is an #anarchist. Stay safe and keep washing your hands. verwendet cookies um wiederkehrende und eingeloggte Besucher zu erkennen. Durch weiters Benutzen der Seite, stimmst du der Verwendung dieser Cookies zu.