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● NEWS ● #USAToday ☞ #Amazon driver in #Detroit quits job on Twitter, leaves package-filled van with keys in the ignition. Here's why he did it.

● NEWS ● #usatoday # ☞ You just lived through the warmest decade on record – and it's only going to get hotter "locking in climate change, the WMO said."

#usatoday owned and run by super-rich people, so...
iophk: "why do 36M have a /need/ for food stamps at all?" Richest nation ever to exist on this planet!


Trump instrumentalises vague poll outcome on Mueller investigation

It turns out, however, that Drumpf’s tweet was based on a poorly framed poll question and an even more poorly framed USA Today story about it that’s headlined: “Poll: Half of Americans say Drumpf is victim of a ‘witch hunt’ as trust in Mueller erodes.”

This really is a weak lining, pure clickbait in favour of Trump. Whoever wrote this should be whacked in the face.

But the poll question on which that headline rests is seriously flawed. The question reads as follows: “President Drumpf has called the Special Counsel’s investigation a ‘witch hunt’ and said he’s been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics. Do you agree?”

Did they recruit sociology freshmen for their poll, or why does this entire thing appear so scrappy? For God's sake, even I would've done a better job than them, and I'm not even into polling in general. At least they give Trump a lot of accelera... Show more... verwendet cookies um wiederkehrende und eingeloggte Besucher zu erkennen. Durch weiters Benutzen der Seite, stimmst du der Verwendung dieser Cookies zu.