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13 hours ago
To all Members of the UK Government IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST

We have serious concerns that the elected government is not acting for the people. As an MP it is your duty to serve the public and protect their interests and the UK. It is clear that this has not been happening since the passing of the #Coronavirus Act in March 2020 and we need your help.

We DO NOT consent to the renewal of the Coronavirus Act at its 6 month review in September because that would clearly not be in the public interest. It is not needed, as there is now a mass of information proving that this virus is in no way as severe as the government is making it out to be.

  • Why did the UK government itself state on the 19th of March, that the Covid19 virus was #NOT a "High consequence Infectious Disease", then, on the very same day start
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#Masks are a #psychological preparation for mandatory vaccinations


The #Psychological #Manipulation of #Universal #Masking


Yesterday a local doctor made a public statement that those of us who do not support #mandatory universal masking can not claim to support medical freedom, and that when we refuse to submit to noninvasive “protections” such as face coverings, we lose all credibility and public respect. She refused to acknowledge my scientifically entrenched response to her statement, despite engaging (and many times belittling) almost every other person who responded to... Show more...

This is an excellent video which came out several hours ago

#Coronavirus A Massive #Psychological #Warfare Operation

And here is a comment to that video:
Quote John K 2 hours ago (edited)
The #5G system is a WiGig wireless network that operates in the 60GHz spectrum with a download speeds of up to 10 Gbps compared to the 4G download speed of 10 Mbps.

However, the frequency of 60 GHz is the frequency at which oxygen molecules oscillate. At 60 GHz, 98% of the transmitted 5G energy will be absorbed by atmospheric oxygen which then alters the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules. '"60GHz is... Show more...


Eating someone

Farmed animals have personalities, smarts, even a sense of agency. Why then do we saddle them with lives of utter despair?

Lizzie #1. Photo © 2009 from the series Chattel

By Lori Marino*

We’ve all heard them and used them – the common references to #farmed #animals that appeal to the worst part of #human #nature: ‘pearls before #swine’, ‘what a #... Show more...

psychedelics matter to me because they heal otherwise-escalatory hostilities that would point to widespread doom and calamity.

psychedelics matter to me because they heal #ptsd and a myriad of other #psychological conditions.

psychedelics matter to me because they help augment insight and perception beyond can be imagined prior to experiencing, connecting to all.



commanded to love | performing false emotions for tyrants

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Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army 'psyops' soldier

The senior #Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the #MiddleEast is also a part-time officer in the #BritishArmy’s #psychological #warfare #unit... Show more...


PsyToolkit: Create and run cognitive psychological experiments in the browser

HN Discussion:
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#HackerNews #and #browser #cognitive #create #experiments #psychological #psytoolkit #run #the
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UN Condemns Psychological Torture Inflicted Upon Assange In Coordinated Attack By UK, US, Sweden And Ecuador

#UN #Psychological #Torture #Assange #UK #US #Sweden #Ecuador #politics #international
UN Condemns Psychological Torture Inflicted Upon Assange In Coordinated Attack By UK, US, Sweden And Ecuador

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