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Pointing to a keyboard of more than 300 symbols in 2019, Kanzi apparently selected the lexigram "chase"—a common way of initiating a game of tag with a caregiver or visitor. (Kevin Miyazaki)
What Can Bonobos Teach Us About the Nature of Language?
A famed researcher’s daring investigation into ape communication—and the backlash it has caused


« Des organismes qui n'ont pas de cerveau sont capables de manipuler des organismes qui eux, en ont un. » Francis Hallé

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« Des organismes qui n'ont pas de cerveau sont capables de manipuler des organismes qui eux, en ont un. » Francis Hallé

« L’ #intelligence des #arbres vue par #FrancisHallé #Hallé »
Une #taquinerie (pour nous les primates) que je trouve excellente... :)
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#biology #animals #primates #evolution
John Hawks@johnhawks
Biologists have identified more than 500 species of living #primates, belonging to 81 genera. I drew this tree to show the current understanding of primate relationships with the highest-level groupings within the order. #humanorigins #bioanth #anthropology


Eating someone

Farmed animals have personalities, smarts, even a sense of agency. Why then do we saddle them with lives of utter despair?

Lizzie #1. Photo © 2009 from the series Chattel

By Lori Marino*

We’ve all heard them and used them – the common references to #farmed #animals that appeal to the worst part of #human #nature: ‘pearls before #swine’, ‘what a #... Show more...

I've been fascinated with chimps for years. This short video shows some of the body language gestures #chimps use for communication.
How to Speak Chimpanzee | Extraordinary Animals | BBC Earth #Primatology #primates

#biology #primates #lemurs #ayeaye #madagascr #extraThumb
Extra Thumb Discovered on Aye-Aye Lemurs, Giving These Primates Six Fingers
Used for gripping limbs, a “pseudo-thumb” makes the hands of these bizarre primates even creepier
Aye-aye lemurs look a bit like gremlins, with pronounced, clawed middle fingers, and these primates’ hands have been fascinating scientists for years. New research shows that the little lemurs, ugly enough to rouse superstitions in their home range in Madagascar, sport an extra tiny thumb complete with fingerprints, giving these anim... Show more...

pic: video snapshot
#biology #primates #apes #chimanzees #alphamale #FransDeWaal
Frans de Waal: What Qualities Make A Good Leader … In Chimpanzees?
About Frans de Waal’s TED Talk
What makes an “alpha male?” Primatologist Frans de Waal says we often get it wrong. His research shows that alpha males possess leadership traits like generosity, peacekeeping, and empathy.
video, click link:

Bonobo baby Kasai in the arms of mother Yasa in the Zoo Leipzig, Germany, 27 November 2013. (Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images)
#biology #primates #apes #bonobos #PanPaniscus #sex
The birds, the bees and the bonobos
Tabatha Southey: Mother bonobos really go out of their way to ensure their male offspring find the right sex partners. On this, the animal kingdom is divided.
Bonobos have a hell of a lot of sex, just for the hell of it, that is sex for the purpose of bonding and... Show more...

#biology #health #genetics #primates #apes #humans #fat #FatPrimate #evolution #HumanEvolution
Buried Genes Could Help Explain Why Humans Are The 'Fat Primate'
It's no secret that we humans tend to carry a little more padding on our bones compared to our closest living primate relatives. Even without a diet of doughnuts and Netflix, evolution has left us with bodies that hoard fat.
An analysis of fat tissues from different primates has found that some of it could come down to subtle differences in how cells package DNA, making it harder for us to convert our spare tyre into the kind of fat that burns easily...

Before you write this video off as boring, please give it a chance. There's a very relevant and important message here!

This guy is highly respected and I don't think he'd risk his reputation to make a political point if there wasn't a solid basis in fact. That said, I wouldn't go so far as saying this talk alone constitutes scientific proof of anything (without seeing that there exists actual data and peer-reviewed papers on this, and ideally more examples of this sort of thing) but it is and important idea that more eyes should see. At the least, it proves that primate (and likely our own) nature is not immutable. At best it shows that walls, isolation and exclusion are NOT a valid way to make the world safer!

Please take a few minutes and watch this, you will not be disappointed :)

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On human primates' feelings and their relation to homo sapiens

De Waal writes about primate empathy, rivalry, bonding, sex and murder in his new book, Mama's Last Hug. The title of the book was inspired by a tender interaction between a dying 59-year-old chimp named Mama and de Waal's mentor, Jan van Hooff, who had known Mama for more than 40 years.

At the time, I must say, I was disturbed, because I thought, 'Maybe this is an effect of captivity, and this would normally never have happened.' But now we know [this happens] in the wild as well. So in the wild, chimpanzees ... do kill between groups. [For]some males who are strangers to each other, that's a fairly common occurrence.

They're saying that the human mind and the human spirit are so totally different, we cannot compare them with what a monkey or a dolphin or [another]animal is doing. They are denying that connection, which I think is detrimental and is actually much more dangerous, in my opinion, because anthropodenial has a lot of negative side effects in my mind. It's much... Show more...


Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?

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