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By Brian Gerard Schaefer
Reposted from mewe

Someone asked me this morning

All the evil psychopaths are taking control.

Where are all the good people?
What are they doing?
I replied

They are all too busy:
  • pointing the finger at the evil psychopaths
  • arguing over what problem created by the psychopaths is the most important one to solve first
    • debating what the best solutions are for the manufactured problems
    • educating people about the evil psychopath's agenda
    • going down rabbit holes to learn about the psychopath's long history and their bloody rise to power
  • predicting the future consequences of the evil psychopath's agenda
    • writing letters to the psychopaths informing them that they have no right to control them
  • smugly devising a plan to beat the psychopaths at their own game
  • signing petitions appealing to th
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#Bishop #LarryGaiters absolutely blew away minds as he greatly articulated the current condition of America Through "THE PARADIGM OF MANIPULATED - THE PARALYSIS OF EMOTION" In Exposing The CIA Black Operations Through The Deep State In Creating & Manufacturing The George Floyd #Conspiracy As The Special Guest On The Infinite Fringe Show With Host Brother Billy Ray Valentine.


Fantastic Fungi

Imagine an organism that feeds you, heals you, reveals
secrets of the universe and could help save the planet.
Now imagine that it’s in the ground beneath your feet…
An artistically-shot, scientifically-sound, life-affirming film about mycelium: the incredible, intelligent network under our feet that has the proven ability to restore our ecosystem, repair our health, and resurrect our symbiotic relationship to nature. Fantastic Fungi aspires to be an educational, inspirational, and ultimately critical film that explores the uses and benefits of fungi in three critical areas.

First, we uncover the research that shows mycelium as a viable alternative to western pharmacology, including treatment for breast cancer, Alzheimer... Show more... verwendet cookies um wiederkehrende und eingeloggte Besucher zu erkennen. Durch weiters Benutzen der Seite, stimmst du der Verwendung dieser Cookies zu.