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Erstmals nach dem Brand vor anderthalb Jahren singt wieder ein Chor in der Pariser Kathedrale. Ein symbolträchtiges Konzert an Heiligabend - auf einer Baustelle. #NotreDame #Paris #EmmanuelMacron

#Nostradamus and the fire at #NotreDame:

(which Michelle Obama raised a toast to the event from a boat on the river as I recall)

#Quote In the Land of the Yellow Vests a mighty fire will topple a Lady,
Then will the Orange Man in the West lay waste to another Alliance,
and out of ignorance the Hawk will turn into a Pigeon
and ignite the Apocalypse of the Yields."

Nostradamus, Quatrain 875.

What could it mean?

Bei einem Brand in der Kathedrale von Nantes in Frankreich ist die bedeutende Orgel zerstört worden. Die Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt wegen Brandstiftung. #KathedralevonNantes #Großbrand #Kathedrale #NotreDame #Frankreich

Joseph #Farrell & C.A. Fitts discuss the meaning of the destruction of #NotreDame #caf

#Notre-Dame Special with Joseph P Farrell from First Quarter Wrap Up 2019

Glocke von Notre-Dame um 20 Uhr mit dem Corona-KlatschenBild/Foto


Eigentlich sollte der Wiederaufbau der Kathedrale #NotreDame in #Paris ein Symbol der nationalen Einheit in #Frankreich werden. Doch jetzt gibt es Diskussionen.

Eigentlich sollte der Wiederaufbau der Kathedrale #NotreDame in #Paris ein Symbol der nationalen Einheit in #Frankreich werden. Doch jetzt gibt es…

● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ Elections in #Ukraine , the fire at #NotreDame , and protests in #Moscow The biggest events of 2019, according to Yandex searches

● NEWS ● There Will be Flames: the Hunchback of #NotreDame at #Cornell
There Will be Flames: the Hunchback of Notre Dame at Cornell


A Laser Cut Gingerbread Cathedral

#cookinghacks #gingerbread #gingerbreadhouse #notredame #hackaday
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A Laser Cut Gingerbread Cathedral



#NotreDame Special with Joseph P Farrell from First Quarter Wrap Up 2019

The #SolariReport

#NotreDame #Fire #Cathedral
Former Notre Dame Architect “Stunned” at Pattern of Blaze | Ezra Levant

Vu l'embrasement de la toiture et de la charpente en bois multi-centenaire et les très fortes températures dégagées par le brasier, les mégots devaient au moins avoir cette taille...🤔
#NotreDame #NotreDameDeParis


@KeineAFD2017 Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen
Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen on Twitter #Sachsen #AFD #afdwirkt #SachsenAnhalt #wirsindmehr #Europawahl #SriLanka #NotreDame

@fernetpunker fucktotum
fucktotum on Twitter #Gelbwesten-Bürgerkrieg #Eygieres #FakeNews #NotreDame #GiletsJaunes #Macron #AfD #EP2019”

Notre-Dame : doit-on remercier les riches ?

#notredame #bourgeoisie #oligarchie #macronie #dictature #enfumage

@KeineAFD2017 Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen
Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen on Twitter #afdwirkt #Sachsen #europawahl #SriLanka #NotreDame

@KeineAFD2017 Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen
Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen on Twitter ##AfD #AFD #AfDwirkt #Europawahl #NotreDame #SriLanka #Europawahl2019 #Sachsen”

Sehr gute Kolumne zum Geldsegen für #NotreDame


Here is a picture of that burned wooden roof laying on top of the concrete and brick roof under it. Notre Dame was built a LOT better than anything the Romans ever did. With the Roman stuff, once the wooden roof was gone, all that remained was pillars. Clearly here, the real roof consisted of a series of concrete and brick domes.

Here's why the cathedral was, except for where the spire fell through, unscathed:

When you consider the scale of the above picture, the concrete and brick were at least three feet thick on the interior roof. There's no way this cathedral got significantly hurt, to the tune of a billion dollars.

Let's take a look at the inside after the fire

#notredame after the fire

woman's explanation tying the nature of the #NotreDame fire to other recent major strange fires interesting:



The holes in the #NotreDame official narrative, Freemasonry and the New World Order #nwo

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Hackaday Podcast Ep 015: Going Low Frequency, Robotic Machines, Disk Usage For Budgets, And Cellphones Versus Weather

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Hackaday Podcast Ep 015: Going Low Frequency, Robotic Machines, Disk Usage For Budgets, And Cellphones Versus Weather


Billionaires' eagerness to contribute to Notre Dame de Paris' reconstruction draws backlash

The criticism comes after Francois Henri Pinault and Bernard Arnault — both billionaires — each pledged more than $100 million to the restoration efforts. The rivals have a history of one-upmanship.

A common position among critics: The mega-donations prove social problems could be quickly addressed if the wealthy were motivated to do so.

So when wealthy Frenchmen quickly pledged massive donations, some associated with the movement balked. “If they can give tens of millions to rebuild Notre Dame, then they should stop telling us there is no money to help with the social emergency,” The Washington Post quotes Philippe Martinez, head of the CGT trade union.
True - why not become a well-known philanthropist by donating money to welfare or by raising the company's salary so that one's own employees don't have to struggle making ends meet? Oh, yes, because it's up to them wherefore to spend money. If the... Show more...

BLOCKBUSTER: PROVEN: Michelle Obama and other global elite burned Notre Dame Cathedral, and celebrated
"Michelle Obama was spotted on an idyllic dinner cruise in Paris on Monday night when she and the other guests learned that the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral had gone up in flames

The mood of passengers changed when news of the fire at Notre Dame filtered through. At one point during the cruise, Mrs Obama stared intently at a fellow passenger's phone

OK, SO NOW I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, AND IT IS ALL RECORDED IN THE WINE GLASSES. THIS IS NOT DEPENDENT ON THE "QUESTIONABLE"(not questionable really) MICHELLE OBAMA WINE GLASS PHOTO YOU MIGHT HAVE ALREADY SEEN, instead, it shows how people on the boat were reacting and socializing when they knew the cathedral was burning.
The cruise departed AFTER the cathedral was already hurling smoke into the sky. This is proven by the reflections in the wine glass in this photo which shows a rather happy Michelle Obama. You can't see the actual cathedral in this photo yet because the dinner cruise is not close e... Show more...

The best discussion I've seen of what is known so far about the start of the fire, including comments from Benjamin Mouton, who served as Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in #France until 2013, that this fire could not have started without an accelerant, and that it was not an accident due to the construction work.

The Video Authorities Don’t Want You To See: Mystery Person & Flash Of Light Before #NotreDame #Cathedral #Fire

By DCWhispers
Posted on April 17, 2019

If it had only been a singular incident involving a Catholic church in France the burning of one of the most well known human monuments to all of Christianity and Western Civilization could be understandably classified as an unfortunate accident during recent renovation work.

Given that more than a thousand French churches across the country have been vandalized in recent years, though, more and more French (and others) are wondering if the Notre Dame fire wasn’t something far more sinister.

Just released video of what appears to be someone moving inside the cathedral followed by a flash of light allegedly right before the fire started will do nothing to lessen those suspicions. If this was an act of vandalism and not an accident then hopefully the perpetrator(s) will soon be caught and brought to justice.

Here is that video which is now going viral all across the world:

#StevePieczenik calls the #NotreDame fire a #falseflag. His opinion feels absolutely spot on to me. Pieczenik is a French Jew, and former U.S. intelligence officer with a long association with various intelligence agencies.

Steve explains how #Macron orchestrated this event in a short video:

Yes - Steve Pieczenik seems spot on to me too. This video is well worth a listen.

Get Assassin's Creed: Unity game for Free in Honor of Notre-Dame

French video game developer Ubisoft is giving away Assassins Creed: Unity for free in honor of the Notre-Dame, which was recently damaged due to a fire.

As you are able to visit Notre-Dame in the Assassin's Creed: Unity video game, Ubisoft is giving you a chance to visit the cathedral in-game by snagging a free copy between April 17th and the 25th.


#NotreDame #AssassinsCreed #unity

@KeineAFD2017 Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen
Europawahl 2019 Aufstehen on Twitter #Frohmaier #Russen #Europawahl #Europawahl2019 #Sachsen #SachsenAnhalt #afdwirkt #nazisraus #wirsindmehr #NotreDame



Soso, eine #Fachkraft mit reflektierendem Helm ( #Aluhut ?) statt Turban. #DankeMerkel!1!!
Der „mysteriöse“ Mann auf Notre-Dame



Shocking #NotreDame OVERLAY - Spire Fall Perfectly Predicted 7 Years Ago

#NotreDame #Fire #Cause
Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: No Workmen on Site When Blaze Started | Martina Markota

lesenswerter Beitrag

Die Notre-Dame im Dorf lassen

Zitat: "Jeder darf selbst entscheiden, wofür er Geld spendet oder nicht, worüber trauert oder nicht. Das ist einer der vielen Fortschritte, die es gegeben hat, seit vor mehr als 850 Jahren mit dem Bau von Notre-Dame begonnen wurde. Aber genauso erlaubt ist heutzutage die Frage, ob es nicht eine sinnvollere Verwendung gäbe für eine knappe Milliarde Euro. Und wieviel Geld hat eigentlich die katholische Kirche schon für die Wiederherstellung des Gotteshauses Notre-Dame zugesagt?"
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