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#NHS #data - primary care records of consistent, high-quality, trusted data on 55 million individual health histories, 23 million records of secondary or specialist care - worth £9.6bn annually

The current approach – of allowing free access to data, and strictly enforcing intellectual property on insights and techniques derived from it – needs to be turned on its head. Localisation of data – and therefore democratic control and data sovereignty – must always be treated as an option in trade deals, while the patenting and copyrighting of algorithms and data-derived insights (particularly when taken from public data sources) should be weakened. There is no robust relationship between the enforcement of intellectual property and innovation in AI research, but patents on AI are rising globally. Instead of the encroaching privatisation of publicly held data – taken, in this case, under our no... Show more...


i hate this.

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and share them ! :)

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
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Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Thu, 14 Feb 2019 14:23:29 +0300

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Richest Double Their Wealth, Climate Collapse, British Election Revelations - Invidious

President Obama sucked on climate change. The GOP are actively bad on climate too, but it's important to remember that inaction on climate is bipartisan. This show kicks off with a look back at how the DNC, the GOP, and the corporate media have allowed global warming to develop to the point of an existential crisis. Under Obama they slapped BP on the wrist for filling the Gulf Sea with oil and the Paris Climate Accord failed to address the scientific reality of what needs to be done to control the greenhouse effect. Under Trump things have only gotten worse. In "Taking The News From Behind" Lee looks at the British elections, the extension of the PATRIOT Act, Facebook's role in t
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@sage Om it is not my work. My "work" this post (not work but some translations and compilations of a copypaste):
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:29:31 +0300

Earlier, the West used this colonial manipulation immediately after the collapse of the USSR:
The consequences of this treaty: Western Europe has outsourced its harmful and environmentally unfriendly production to the East.
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How do I protect my online #privacy from ' #surveillance #capitalism '?

Chris wants to better protect his #privacy. What can he easily do besides de-Googling his online life, #torbrowser, #google, #spyware

In the diary of the colony’s first governor, William Bradford, we can read about the settlers' initial arrangement: Land was held in common. Crops were brought to a common storehouse and distributed #equally. For two years, every person had to work for everybody else (the #community), not for themselves as #individuals or #families. Did they live #happily ever after in this #socialist #utopia?

Hardly. The “common property” approach #
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if #corporations are #consolidating into the one big #theyrule #monopoly #corporation, and becoming the de-facto #government, #superseding and owning the #governments,
when (and how) do we then have our #democratic #revolution to at least get #representation from our king?
or is the king going to continue to insist that the rents and market are how we have our only say?

#democracy #anarchy #hierarchy #corporatism #fascism #lordmoney #freedomfrom
maybe having money as the replacement for any highest reason was not wise. #neoliberalism #capitalism #plutocracy #lost40years #ruledbycriminals

Why do people do not want to get kids - women delay family planing - will unlimited capitalism bring an end to mankind?


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algorithmic warfare - AI and 5G arms race - 5G and the military - obvious usage: drones and robots

Workers at Google resigned.

Why all the “waves” about who is designing and building 5G hardware for an even faster mobile phone network?

Why all the fuzz about AI?

the military wants it!

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Macron is making waves in the NATO - US and Germany now paying the same for NATO birdshit for headquarters

Macron: “the absence of dialogue with Russia – did it make Europe more secure?” (no of course not)

Map of Nato

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Some folks are #confusing #capitalism with #corporatism. Even when I point it out to them, they usually respond with something like, "who cares / what's the difference?" Big #difference. This article #clearly defines corporatism, which is what we have in #America today. We do not have capitalism, and haven't for some time- probably for 100 years. It's #convenient for the #socialists to blame Ameri... Show more...

● NEWS ● #UK #Election : How #Propaganda Props Up Britain’s “Particularly Extreme Form of #Capitalism
UK Election: How Propaganda Props Up Britain’s “Particularly Extreme Form of Capitalism”

Apparently, that means you're supporting these neocolonial crooks:
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Fri, 23 Aug 2019 13:57:17 +0300

The neocolonial movement "Extinction Rebellion (XR)" acts in concert with space aliens. It may seem at first glance. In fact, the "Extinction Rebellion (XR)" acts together with well-known hoaxers:
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day d - 56th anniversary

Former American President John F Kennedy snorted cocaine with actor Peter Lawford while the two stayed at Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs house in the late 1950s, according to an excerpt from a tell-all book written by Sinatra's former valet. - President Kennedy Calls For Stronger Drug Laws

Unfortunately, the Western Propaganda, commissioned by the CIA, has brainwashed a huge number of people in order to present the hypocritical scoundrel as a innocent victim:
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Is Inequality Inevitable?

"The free #market is essentially a casino that you can never leave. When the trickle of #wealth described earlier, flowing from poor to rich in each transaction, is multiplied by 7.7 billion people in the world conducting countless transactions every year, the trickle becomes a torrent. #Inequality inevitably grows more pronounced because of the collective effects of enormous numbers of seemingly innocuous but subtly biased transactions."

#capitalism #economics #economy

Is Inequality Inevitable?

When #capitalism fails "the many" "What follows is a conversation between journalist Ben Ehrenreich and Marc Steiner of The Real News Network."
Capitalism’s Failures Have Ignited Protests Worldwide


Jack Dorsey, jefe de Twitter, prefiere DuckDuckGo sobre Google

El ejecutivo le declaró su amor a este motor de búsqueda, que prioriza la privacidad de sus usuarios.
28 de noviembre de 2019 10:22 a. m. PST

#ddg #google #searchengine #capitalism #twitter #privacy #trending #duckduckgo #yacy #searx


On black Friday, I never buy anything, this is a holiday for those obsessed with shopping, people are ready to consume anything, not even understanding why they do it. Corporations accustomed them as Pavlov's dogs to conditioned reflexes. Don’t be like Pavlov’s dog; don’t be a man to waste money.

#mindmanipulation #capitalism

"Conspiracy theories" documented by factual information.

The Assassination of JFK & Mary Meyer: REVEALED! - Invidious

Probably the biggest guard dog standing in the way of human survival.
#empirepolitics #antiwar #war #militarism #imperialism #capitalism #neoliberalism #love #politics #US #USA #leftwing #progressives #JFK #JohnFKennedy #CIA #FBI
Since graduating from Old Dominion University with a B.S. in Health Sciences and a minor in Management, Jennifer Jaynes has made her living as a content manager, webmaster, news publisher, editor and copywriter. In 2011, she left the corporate world to care for her twin toddlers and pursue a career as a novelist.

USA Today bestselling author who wrote about corruption inside the vaccine industry found dead with two gunshots to the head
После окончания У
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the New Millennium by the Dalai Lama
Please do not confuse CIA newage propagandists with anarchists:
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Sat, 09 Feb 2019 12:53:40 +0300

Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
Лхамо Дхондруб (известный как Да... Show more...

Some things #capitalism cannot buy. But it can try to force #plannedobsolescence to get us "pesky public" to adopt an address allocation scheme that PRESUMES domination over MULTIPLE planets! (yes, #ipv6 does this)

Why many IPs? #surveillance beacons?

So, the profile of this German anonymous political "girl"-activist, pay attention to "her" "twin sibling" address:

Checking. There's an address for "her" "Ask":

Checking. There's a big tag #ANONYMISS
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Sonneborn erklärt die EU

EU != Europa!

Sonneborn möchte Elmar Brocken biologisch überleben, politisch hat er ihn schon überlebt.

Europa wird die EU überleben.

Sonneborn for Kanzleramt! X-D


#money #alternative #systems #altcoopsys #alternatives #OsOfSociety #OperatingSystemsOfSociety #SystemPhilosophy #dinero #dollar #euro #yen #rubel #sustainability #resilience #complementary #complementarycurrency #cooperation #monetaryreform #financialreform #financialsystemreform #financialcrisis #mortagecrisis #debtcrisis #occupywallsreet #finance #moneysystem #financialsystem #economics #ecologicaleconomics #economy #capitalism #kapitalismus #system #eu #diepartei #partei #politik #parlament #brd #sonneborn #sonneporn #diebestepartei #diebesteparteiever #lol #yolo #cdu #csu #euparlament #brussels #brüssel #satire #titanic
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Sonneborn erklärt die EU

crazy financial system - Eurozone needs negative interest rates between -4% and -7% to survive

Bild/FotoIs this the end of the crazy fiat money system?

Is the monetary system completely decoupled from the real economy?

bankers and investors living of a system that only exists in a virtual bubble… that could pop any time.

Is this the reason that “unfakeable” / unprintable (but still steal-able) cryptocurrencies rank so high in comparison to USD and Euro?

  • 1 XBT to USD = 7,224.07 US Dollars (
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Pablo Escobar's son says his father "Worked for the CIA selling cocaine"; (The CIA) “were practically his partners,” which allowed Escobar to defy the law, and gave him nearly the same power as a government. Escobar smuggled 15 Tonnes a day into the USA, Making $420 Million per week.
He claims that singer Frank Sinatra was a major trafficker for Pablo.
In a new book, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” Escobar, who lives under the pseudonym, Juan Sebastián Marroquín, explains his “father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.”
Frank Sinatra was ‘a better cocaine
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How could it look like?

How could it look like?

The monetary system – that gives incentives – to be good humans – developing living sustainable lifes – passing on that knowledge of sustainable survival to children and grand-children.

Now Democracy is as corrupted as it is now – mankind desperately needs better ways to cooperate – in peace.

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Facebook and Google’s pervasive surveillance poses an unprecedented danger to human rights

Facebook and Google’s omnipresent surveillance of billions of people poses a systemic threat to human rights, Amnesty International warned in a new report as it called for a radical transformation of the tech giants’ core business model.

#surveillance #capitalism #surveillancecapitalism #privacy #humanrights #democracy #google #facebook #bigtech #technology

The #hacker, known as #PhineasFisher, published a new #manifesto on Friday, offering to pay hackers up to $100,000 in what they called the ‘Hacktivist #Bug #Hunting Program.” The idea is to pay other hackers who carry out politically motivated hacks against companies that could lead to the disclosure of documents in the public interest. The hacker said he will pay in #cryptocurrency, such as #Bitcoin or #Monero. As an example of targets, the hacker mentioned mining and livestock companies in South #America, #Israeli #spyware vendor #NSO Group, and oil company #Halliburton.


#hacktivism #security #capitalism #economy #news #cyberwarfare


The future internet regulation

The future of internet regulation, a European Parliament meeting organised by the greens, on 2019-11-19
Aral Balkan is talking about the surveillance capitalism, facebook google & the centralised services, mastodon and the fediverse, small techs & the need for a more distributed web.

#internet #regulation #surveillance #privacy #capitalism

PeerTube: The future internet regulation - Aral Balkan at the European Parliament (root)


🏴 Red and Anarchist Black Metal PLAYLIST 🏴


🇬🇧 Solidarity and RABM work hand in hand. That's why we have decided to support bands from our scene with a bandcamp "fan" account (@etxegina_colectivo). From time to time we'll share some of the RABM records and singles we enjoy the most! Every record mentioned here will be bought and legally downloaded. We encourage you to leave these artists a tip on their BC pages as well. Please tell us : what RABM records do you listen to lately?

× Hvidsten - Stand as One. Slow paced Black Metal with a meditative touch. Old-school production with a very well dosed reverb

× Inferna - S/T. Blackened HxC Crust from Oklahoma with anti-capitalist and ecologist lyrics. Not for fragile ears.
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@John Rooke
That is typical of racist generalisation across a whole category of people
It is not generalisation. I share my personal experience. I'll make it clear:
All Westerners with whom i discussed this topic - use this trick
You are the same.
It is also hypocritical, because it does not recognise that the Russian Empire is guilty of all the same crimes as the Western European empires.
I admit it. I said it straight. You're desperate to apply your stereotypes and trick to me
Russian Empire was the Empire of German feudals, like British or Dutch Empires:
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Fri, 07 Jun 20... Show more...
In 2010 the late Christopher Hitchens put the difference at six inches in an article in Slate titled "A Nation of Racist Dwarfs".
"The height gap is approximately 4cm (1.6in) among pre-school boys and 3cm (1.2in) among pre-school girls, and again the South Koreans would be taller."
"We're dealing with the Korean people," Schwekendiek says, "and Korea is interesting because it basically hasn't experienced any immigration for many centuries."
In the 1990s North Korea suffered a terrible famine. Today, according to the World Food Programme, "one in every three children remains chronically malnourished or 'stunted', meaning they are too short for their age".
Photo: United States/North Korea/South Korea soldiers

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● NEWS ● #latam #imperialism ☞ A Gangster for #Capitalism : Next Up, #Bolivia
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