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The Richie Allen Show - Thursday September 10th 2020

Richie is joined by Dr. Mohammad Adil.

#Dr. #Adil is a surgeon with 35 years experience and an unblemished record. Three months ago, the GMC in the UK suspended him for 12 months, because he made several videos which asked questions about #Covid-19 and the necessity of the #lockdown.

Recently, Dr. Adil has been speaking at protests around the country including the one at Trafalgar Square, which attracted more than 40,000 men women and children. Today, he chats about the governments plans to roll out an untested vaccine, indemnify the manufacturers and themselves and the public consultation document that you've not been told about.

there is no #corona #virus its a hoax created by the #satanic deathcult
#COVID-19 is a #hoax | #Dr Mohammad Iqbal #Adil Consultant Surgeon NHS, #UK
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