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A very important article from Science
In the passage from an animal (bat) to man, the spike, the protein that allows the virus to attach itself to our cells, combines variations, albeit to a lesser extent with other Rna viruses, because the virus itself is equipped with a "corrector" of drafts “in its genome that corrects replication errors as much as possible, but loses sequences of amino acids (essential components of proteins) in the various replicative cycles causes our neutralizing antibodies to have difficulty in blocking the virus. These mutations also decrease the efficacy of vaccines in a variable way. The study is very important (from Science) it masterfully clarifies the replicative phenomena of the Cov 2 SARS.
Very complex.
Recurrent deletions in SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein antibody leak
R. McCarthy1,2,3, *, J. Rennick1,2, Nambulli1,2, R. Robinson-McCarthy4, V G. Bain5,6,7, Ghady Haidar8,9, W. Paul Duprex
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Thanks for posting, but why are you referencing FaZebook and not:

Mentre lottiamo contro il coronavirus, altre epidemie colpiscono l’Europa


Un rapporto Ipbes — la massima autorità scientifica in tema di natura e biodiversità — pubblicato qualche mese fa, ha ipotizzato l’esistenza di circa 1,7 milioni di virus zoonotici ancora sconosciuti alla comunità scientifica. Di questi, 800mila potrebbero avere la capacità di infettare l’essere umano.

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