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good this is another nail in the coffin of the #covidhoax

#COVID-19 #Testkits (300215) #imports by country #2018

fuck sake... it is sure falling apart for um big time now hey

just a random data point, I was told yesterday that the local council litter pickers have been told to not pick up any discarded masks and to leave them where the lay

insanity continues to grow
all those councilors are going to be outed as agents of satan
they can run but they can't hide
don't get mad, get even don't they say

there ain't half going to be one hell of a lot of very poor billionaires about right soon

this one is looking into this test kits revelations

Does The World Bank Website List " #COVID-19 #TestKits" Before 2019 & Is There More To The Story?

the shit has hit the fan
look after each other .. this ain't a drill

amazing how quickly they can change info on the internet

anyway test kits are a distraction ,they are just taking everyone's dna and making clones of the ones they like
original use of the pcr is to clone

there is no virus only our own dna

everything they do is to deceive

its been quite a journey of discovery ,every day we learn more about
how completely evil these reptilian shape-shifters are .
just wow the whole of the germ theory etc

what a monumental scam they pulling on most of the ?

homo sapien chromosome 8
there was a time i accepted that viruses were a done deal but now i have spent the last 9 months learning from the best in the game, well.. not anymore. same goes for black holes, dark matter, big bangs, walking on the moon and so much more

reptilian shape-shiftersyer maybe... they to my mind are a bunch of inbreeds that sussed 12 week old fetus juice can kinda keep um young.. it's not working all that well for um thou is it ... coke dmt and adrenacrone has made them all insane

just seen this one today

Because of David Icke , the phenomenon of Reptilian Humanoids has almost become stock-in-trade for anyone investigating the New World Order NWO conspiracy. However not everybody accepts their presence as a reality. A convincing factor is that despite the very recent awareness of Reptilians they are not just a new and recent idea. In Magdalen College Oxford you’ll find statues of Reptilian Humanoids 500 years old.

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