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imho, "vaccines" and "viruses" is a two hands of same body, in 99.9% of cases. inhuman manipulators ruling this planet. so its why.

ps: just to keep the "business" rolling and keep a lot of involved people busy. but if someone dying on the way - they just don't care.

Keep doing your own research, I guess.

we can change this situation soon, i hope.

Lol! Another Doctor es YouTube theories, Mr Spacedream?
Continue smoking!

@Christian Nalletamby, you are working for low frequency reptilians? ;) good luck then to your soul. soon you will be very surprised. suddenly.

Continue smoking!
i prefer mushrooms ;)

Yes, we are #HAIRE Hybrid AntiFa Illuminati Reptilian Elitists, your worst enemas!

count your days then, i told ya. good luck to your soul, i'll prey for you. tram pam pam! ;)

haha! %) yes, stupid misspell (or evil ai, who knows).

soon you will be very surprised. suddenly.
Is that supposed to be a threat?

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